[spambayes-dev] Setting up a new account

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Oct 5 20:43:12 EDT 2003

> It seems to me the ideal situation would be: if given the correct
> start a web server.  If, in addition, given the -b flag, 
> start a browser. I don't think you want to loose the 
> possibility of running a one off training session without starting a
> web server.

This is what current cvs does now:
  * If you give it "-c", it classifies.
  * If you give it "-t", it trains.
  * If you give it "-b", it starts the web server and opens a browser
  * If you give it "-h", it shows the help.
  * If you give it nothing, it starts the web server.

Only the 'c' and 't' switches can be used together, the rest are
mutually exclusive.

Does this seem reasonable?  It does nicely match sb_server, which makes
for a more consistent feel to spambayes.  I wonder whether if the 'l'
switch is given, it should also start the web server, since otherwise
you have to stop it to change any configuration.  Since I don't actually
use imapfilter myself, I don't know whether this matters or not.

=Tony Meyer

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