[spambayes-dev] Re: [Spambayes] Error from pop3proxy

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Oct 5 20:48:54 EDT 2003

[Tony Meyer, on using Ctrl+C to copy in Windows Python 2.3.1+ HTML
 Help Python docs]

> That seems unlikely since it's the one that ships with XP.  "Microsoft
> Help Control Version 5.2.3750.0" is what the about box has (and don't
> even start me on progams like this and Eudora that don't put close at
> the bottom of the right-click taskbar menu).

HHCTRL.OCX on my box says it's version 5.02.3750.0 too.  God only knows
whether that's the relevant piece, though.  Other pieces here include

    ITSS.DLL     5.02.3644.0
    ITIRCL.DLL   5.02.3644.0
    HHA.DLL      4.74.8702.0

> (Note that apart from this problem, and control-f not presenting an
> option to find text in the current page,

Ctrl+F works for me <wink>.  Maybe it's your browser that's out-of-date, or
you use something other than IE?  I'm using IE 6.0.2800.1106IS, with all
current service packs.

If you select a bunch of text and right-click, do you get a context menu
with a Copy choice?  I do; if you do, that might be a good-enough

> I do like the new help.  And I can always go back to using a browser).
> Is it Win98 that it works for you on?  Maybe it works on slightly old
> versions, but in new versions, it has been 'corrected' not to work?
> (Which maybe means I can find an older version and use that...)

I can only access Win98SE at the moment.  I'm 99% sure I had no problems on
Win2K either, but can't swear to that 100% before Tuesday.

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