[spambayes-dev] RE: Why did python.org give this a 550 ("looks like spam")?

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 5 20:49:05 EDT 2003

> Probably because you sent it to spambayes-checkins.  All the 
> *-checkins lists on mail.{python,zope}.org share a single 
> training corpus, and their idea of ham is most likely diffs 
> of Python code.
> (And no, I don't have any plans to improve the training 
> regime right now; I put myself on enforced sabbatical from 
> spam-fighting a month ago, when I noticed it was taking over my life.)

I don't think the training regime needs to be improved - it seems reasonable
that the message was bounced for that reason (although strange that Skip's
one wasn't).  I had forgotten that spambayes would be doing the filtering
for the list, and was (ironically) thinking that there was a rule that was
classifying the message as spam, which wouldn't have been so good.

Thanks for the explanation :)

=Tony Meyer

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