[spambayes-dev] Re: [Spambayes-checkins] spambayes/windowsautoconfigure.py, 1.6, 1.7

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Oct 6 19:33:08 EDT 2003

Tony> Eudora 6 comes with a folder called "Junk", so default to using
Tony> that.
Skip> Eudora 6 also has its own (bayesian?) spam filter.  Should we 
Skip> try not to stomp on the folders it might want to use?

I figured that if the user was using spambayes, they probably wouldn't
be using SpamSieve - it's only the default place, and can be overridden
anyway.  It'll be interesting to see how popular SpamSieve becomes,
given that Qualcomm seems to be moving away from the sponsored mode
(SpamSieve is only available in paid mode).

My reason for defaulting to using the same folder was that we then get
the benefits associated with it - being able to "delete old junk", and
things like that, which aren't available from regular folder menus.  As
usual <wink>, I was copying Mark, too - the Outlook plug-in defaults to
using Outlook 2003's "Junk Mail" folder.

That said, it's a simple change back if people think we shouldn't use
it.  What would be nice is if someone was able to try using spambayes
with Eudora in paid mode and see how much spambayes and spamsieve do
collide, and if Eudora has any troubles using just spambayes with the
'junk' folder.  I don't suppose anyone here uses Eudora 6 in paid mode?

=Tony Meyer

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