[spambayes-dev] Logging

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Oct 7 08:29:07 EDT 2003

    Tony> [I forgot who - Skip?]
    >> You might try grabbing the 2.3 logging module and tests from CVS ...

    Tony> [Alex]
    >> This works.

    Tony> Sounds like this could be a plan, then.  How do we go about doing
    Tony> this?  Check a copy of the modules in and add a conditional
    Tony> include to setup.py, or just get setup.py to pull them from the
    Tony> right place in the Python directory (in that case, do pre-2.3 cvs
    Tony> users have to get them themselves?).

I would include logging.py (and tests/test_logging.py) in a separate
(.../compatibility ???) directory and have setup.py test for the presence of
the logging module, and install compatibility/logging.py in
.../site-packages/spambayes if necessary.  Alex already incorporates the
email package manually.  It would be nice if we included a known usable
version of that package, since there seems to be a version requirement.

I would make sure to grab a version of the logging package from an explicit
Python release (e.g., 2.3.2), not just what happens to be in CVS at the

With a green light, I'll set it up.  I have a directory tree which looks


Here's the current README file:

    This directory contains relevant bits of Python which are used by
    SpamBayes, but which might not be available in older versions of Python.
    Installation is controlled by checks in setup.py.

    Never, ever make changes to these modules!  If you do, you risk creating
    an incompatible fork of the module.  If a bug is discovered, report it
    to the appropriate project and work around it in SpamBayes proper for
    the time being.  Once the problem is fixed and a new version is
    released, refresh this copy from that source.


    * logging - the logging package from Python 2.3.2.

    * test - relevant test suites from the other packages.  For, um, testing,
      not installation.


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