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Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 7 10:52:21 EDT 2003

T. Alexander Popiel wrote:
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> <1ED4ECF91CDED24C8D012BCF2B034F130395C19D at its-xchg4.massey.ac.nz>
> "Meyer, Tony" <T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz> writes:  
>> [Alex]
>> Sounds like this could be a plan, then.  How do we go about doing
>> this? Check a copy of the modules in and add a conditional include to
>> setup.py, or just get setup.py to pull them from the right place in
>> the Python directory (in that case, do pre-2.3 cvs users have to get
>> them themselves?).
> Well, I have to get the email module manually already, so having
> to get another module manually isn't that big a deal.  It'd be
> convenient if there were some automated tool to help out on the
> aquisition, but that's a minor enough itch that I'd make no effort
> to scratch it... as long as it's documented _where_ I can get the
> module.

I vote for checking our own copy into the SpamBayes project.  That way
we can avoid any possible future problems if the Python team makes
changes to the logging module that aren't 2.2-compatible.  Besides, we
only need to grab a copy for pre-2.3 users so wouldn't pulling it from
the Python install directory be difficult? <wink>

Kenny Pitt

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