[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes-checkins] spambayes/spambayes message.py, 1.39, 1.40 storage.py, 1.35, 1.36

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Oct 8 00:18:46 EDT 2003

[Tony Meyer]
> Modified Files:
> 	message.py storage.py
> Log Message:
> ...
> It would be fantastic if these fixed some of the corruption
> problems :)  Please try at your convenience (if you had any
> problems) and let -dev know.
> Using a pickle surely must get rid of the problems.

After the last round of worm spew subsided, I switched all my (3) Outlook
classifiers back to using bsddb3 and (now) Python 2.3.2.  I still haven't
seen any database corruption, and I get about 800 emails each day now.  In
addition, I've been doing a lot of "real development work" on Win98SE lately
(well, *trying* to do real work <wink>), and Outlook typically suffers from
forced OS reboots several times each day.  That is, we're not only not
shutting down cleanly then, we're not getting to do *any* shutdown cleanup
then.  Sometimes Outlook 2K itself takes 10 minutes to come up again after a
reboot (that's got nothing to do with spambayes, btw -- it's always behaved
this way), but the Berkeley db never complains.

The only thing I can think of I do different is that I suspect I have
unusually small databases:

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\SpamBayes>dir *.db

DEFAUL~1 DB      2,621,440  10-07-03 10:31p default_bayes_database.db
DEFAUL~2 DB         98,304  10-07-03 10:31p default_message_database.db
         2 file(s)      2,719,744 bytes

That's the largest of my classifiers.  The others are about half that size.
Maybe Berkeley starts to have problems when it takes 22 bits to measure the
db size <wink>.

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