[spambayes-dev] New Bug? - Outlook plug-in stops when parsinginterrupted by AV

Mal Thomas draconus at bigpond.com
Wed Oct 8 05:45:36 EDT 2003

Hi Tony,
Am i sure it's a bug ??? ...mmmm no,   Maybe a bug, maybe a design flaw or
incompatability issue with my particular AV (AVG from Grisoft).   I can't
really tell unless I am familiar with what the code is meant to be
doing....so yeah, you could be on to something here.  I'd look at the code,
but my expertise with programming is rather limited and restricted to a
different architecture.

Will write up a bug report and see where that gets me !


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> I think I've found something that needs to be
> fixed (maybe).    It's a repeatable error/anomaly.
> Do I raise/describe it here or is there a more appropriate forum ??

If you're fairly sure that it is a bug, then the very best thing to do
is open a bug report via the sourceforge system:
<http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>.  That provides a convenient place to
attach comments and patches, and means that it shouldn't get lost in
list traffic.

If you're not so sure, then the best place is probably
spambayes at python.org.  If it really belongs on spambayes-dev, then
someone will move it over.

=Tony Meyer

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