[spambayes-dev] Re: spambayes in pypi

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Oct 10 04:57:37 EDT 2003

Anthony Baxter <anthony at interlink.com.au> writes:

>>>> Thomas Heller wrote
>> Tell this the frustrated people who have tried to establish such a
>> thing, see cyphon, pypan, and others where the names escape me right now
>> ;-(
> Yeah. On the other hand, the pypi approach is much lighter for now - we
> get _something_ working, get people used to using it, then look at making
> it do all the singing and dancing stuff further down the track...

No offense intended to anyone, but pypi (as useful as it is) is IMO just
like parnassus, with easier registration of packages with the distutils
register command.

IIRC, not even a common convention about the download-url field has
been found yet.


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