[spambayes-dev] spammy subject lines

Paul Wagland spambayes at kungfoocoder.org
Tue Oct 14 03:05:41 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 16:36, Tony Meyer wrote:
> [explanation of stats cut]
> I really should amalgamate your comments (here and previously) into the
> TESTING.TXT file to make it easier for newcomers to understand the results.
> Maybe I'll try and do a bit of that later on today.  Thanks for the
> clarification :)

I for one would greatly appreciate it! I plan on mucking around a little
bit with the dictionary stuff that people have been mentioning here, and
would greatly love to have a well documented testing procedure to see
what changes, if any, it makes....

Thanks in advance,

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