[spambayes-dev] RE: Mind if I commit a new contrib/spambayes.el?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Oct 15 01:26:48 EDT 2003

[Tony Meyer]
> I just received this, which, since you're updating the README, you 
> might be willing to integrate also?

[Neale Pickett]
> I'm worried that the README is too big already.  Would it be 
> inappropriate to say this cookbook would be best placed on a 
> Wiki page, or maybe in some multi-page hypertext 
> documentation (like the Python documentation, for instance)?  

I worried a bit about that, too, when I split the readme into readme and
readme-devel.  Maybe the readme should just cover general stuff (like
"setup.py install"), and then there should be a readme for (a) POP3 users,
(b) IMAP users, and (c) Others?

(Better names than this are required, obviously, since mutt etc probably use
POP3, but you know what I mean...)

OTOH, I suppose 'recipe' type things don't really need to be in the readme.
+1 for keeping it small, somehow, anyway ;)

=Tony Meyer

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