[spambayes-dev] Strange Review problems after upgrade

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Oct 21 00:21:52 EDT 2003

> > Did you run "setup.py install" from the cvs copy before this?  That 
> > should have replaced all the files in the site-packages/spambayes 
> > directory.
> Yes I did, which is why I was surprised by the outcome!  My 
> assumption is that Python "didn't notice" that some of the *.pyc
> files were out of date.

It would be interesting to see if this could be duplicated.  IIRC, setup.py
outputs a heap of information about what is and isn't copied, so something
might have been in there.

[Review messages oddities]
> I was making an assumption that the messageinfo.db was 
> involved since deleting that _and_ clearing out the cache
> directories seemed fixed the problems.

It would have been clearing out the cache directories that did it.

> I will have a longer look at the review code and see if I can 
> figure out how I could get such strange results.  If I don't see
> anything, I'll set up a clean system in VMWARE and try to recreate
> the problem using "fake mail" spanning a number of days, then
> upgrade again.  If I recreate it, I'll open a bug.

That would be fantastic, thanks.

=Tony Meyer

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