[spambayes-dev] Empty Spam Folder menu item

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 28 11:29:54 EST 2003

Feature Request #788755 asks for a menu item to empty the spam folder,
and I have seen this requested several times on the lists.  I've come up
with an initial patch to implement this as a menu item on the SpamBayes
dropdown.  It works very much like the Empty "Deleted Items" Folder
context menu item, which means it prompts with a Yes/No message box
before deleting, and just does nothing if the spam folder is already

I was hoping some of you here would be willing to review and/or test
this before I submit it as a patch on SourceForge.  BTW, what is the
recommended way to submit a patch for a feature request?  There is no
obvious way to attach a file when adding a comment.

Kenny Pitt
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