[spambayes-dev] SpamBayes service monitor for Windows

Adam Walker adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
Tue Sep 2 11:23:26 EDT 2003

This should probably be rolled into the (new) windows/pop3proxy_tray.py

> 	I've just began to work on a service monitor for SpamBayes. This
> tool will allow the user to graphically install, remove, start, stop and
> restart the SpamBayes service for Windows. It will appear as a single
> traybar icon and would also allow to open a web browser in the web
> configuration page. If you ever tried it, it will look similar to Apache2
> monitor for Windows.
> 	If you don't want such a tool, just tell me to stop now :-) Please
> note this won't be ready before the features freeze anyway :)

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