[spambayes-dev] Nigerian mystery

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Fri Sep 5 17:58:08 EDT 2003


Okay, I now have everything cleaned out, and brand new fresh 1.0a5 files
installed properly and running. I just got my second Nigerian scam of the
day, still rated solidly as Ham.

I started looking over the thing and figured that Nigeria, petroleum, and
million had to all be pretty spammy terms for me, so I looked at the clues
for this message. Unless I'm losing what little mind I have left, those
three terms are not listed in the clues. (And Million appears five times,
petroleum and Nigeria twice each.)

I don't see any sign of errors anywhere.

Below I'm pasting first the source and then the clues.

I just used the nifty new feature for looking up those words, and to my
great surprise, those three terms really aren't all that spammy (or hammy,
either) for me. Am I cursed forever because the number of Nigerian spams we
discuss here is making this obvious clue very neutral? This is exactly the
kind of distinction that has been associated with "Bayesian" analysis back
to the original Graham column, that it could pass actual medical messages
with penis in the body to a urologist while stopping the
larger/longer/harder crap to the same inbox.


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From: Alhaji Mantu <Alhajimantu at bba.com>
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Subject: IMP Mssg From Ibrahim Mantu
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 15:12:23 -0700
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
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Dear Sir,
I m ALHAJI IBRAHIM MANTU of the Accounts Department of Petroleum (Special)
Fund (PTF), an institution established by the Federal Government of Nigeria
to manage
the proceeds from the sale of Petroleum products as well as the application
of the fu
nds in contract execution. My colleagues and I are inclined to contact you
in view of
a high-level business (deal) that we want to strike with you.
It is quite natural to be surprised when somebody you do not know before
contacts y
ou, especially when it comes to a business of this type. The choice of
picking you for the deal is based on satisfactory enquiries and reports that
we gathered
about your
person. The source of our information shall be disclosed to you in the
course of this
The deal stems from an over-valued invoice of a contract executed in our
n, PTF for the upgrading of facilities at the Kaduna refineries. The actual
value was USD$40.5 Million but at the point of approval, it was deliberately

to USD$70.8 Million, which was approved as such. The contract has since been

and the original German contractor, Dresser Gmbh has been paid the actual
contract va
lue of USD$40.5 Million which is the only money due to him, leaving the
over-valued s
um of USD$30.3 Million still hanging in our system unclaimed. This is the
deal and th
is is where we want you to come in.
As employees within the system, we have since perfected arrangement through
which t
he fund (USD$30.3 Million) can be transferred out. However, the only way
this can be
done successfully is with the collaboration of an oversea partner. It has to

be so be
cause since it is a foreign denominated contract the destination of the fund

must be
an oversea account, to avoid any suspicion of any sort. Also we have
perfected arrang
ements such that the routing of the transfer will be erased from the systems

so that
there would be no trace of the fund to you or to any of the parties
involved, as soon
as you confirm the money in your account.
However, it is also very important to say that as somebody from a Royal
family with
integrity and reputation, secrecy and absolute confidentiality is uttermost
to me, as
I will not want to do anything that would tarnish the name of my family.
Thus, the on
ly condition under which the deal will be prosecuted is for it to be kept in

secrecy and confidentiality. I just hope that you will give me this
all-important gua
rantee; otherwise there will be no need to start in the first place. If this

can be kept by you, I require you to provide us with the following
information to ena
ble us obtain necessary approvals and authorizations for the transfer of the

1.    Bank Co-ordinates, including the name of the bank, address, acc
ount number etc.
2.    Name of the company that will serve as beneficiary of the fund.
3.    Your private telephone and fax numbers that will be used to fac
ilitate the transaction.
On my part, I can be reached on the above stated telephone and fax numbers.
Since it is a deal, we intend all the parties involved to have commensurate
of the fun
d when it gets to your account. While the sharing pattern cannot be reached
now, it i
s our hope that it is something that would be finally agreed upon as we get
For now we propose as follows:
1.       The Nigerian group              60%
2        Account owner (Yourself)            30%
3        Contingencies                           10%
Contingencies in this context are defined as any cost that any of the
parties may i
ncur in the course of the transaction; viz: Air tickets, accommodation,
bills etc.
In conclusion, as we go on in the transaction, you will also have to advise
us on t
he type of investment in your country that we could put our own share into,
as we do
not intend to bring back our entire share to our country.
Your early response will be highly appreciated.



*H* 0.996261495821
*S* 0.000534238393173
pattern 0.0201485265933
manage 0.0229719513109
transaction, 0.0365569363139
picking 0.0399569524171
routing 0.0432200568777
quite 0.046792802508
otherwise 0.0486050760563
appreciated. 0.0556630234103
in. 0.063759303312
nds 0.0652173913043
part, 0.0661145138814
context 0.068567797698
him, 0.068567797698
address, 0.0731750361611
follows: 0.0794778320087
executed 0.0914615202634
something 0.0925545733662
upgrading 0.101456860385
invoice 0.101712950517
advise 0.106371763268
involved, 0.119263517746
systems 0.124138758634
into, 0.130523087494
suspicion 0.135448841519
proceeds 0.151621466596
original 0.153425513607
anything 0.15841844752
stems 0.160897818077
which 0.161378244829
source 0.164540127005
done 0.167286446676
gets 0.168556053582
gathered 0.168738289529
say 0.170445641779
since 0.173616466415
account, 0.176023641014
especially 0.180857214817
sort. 0.182077687266
such. 0.182077687266
kept 0.182702051301
german 0.183513408317
there 0.187161104468
serve 0.187355892561
but 0.188737619275
still 0.191289424937
etc. 0.195286220354
used 0.201306565617
bank, 0.20168260521
require 0.20525486008
could 0.206788896097
was 0.218210598988
disclosed 0.218623088379
somebody 0.219713321122
however, 0.224835861339
when 0.226283017645
institution 0.232358689334
cannot 0.232706409742
owner 0.235046208068
condition 0.235857119414
reports 0.23848640643
propose 0.248203662097
very 0.255587393867
before 0.256450309192
well 0.256955153128
number 0.258624804022
inclined 0.258800649492
under 0.260132001439
point 0.26179000574
know 0.264182757639
royal 0.26441042664
comes 0.265526588549
come 0.265951380585
type 0.266736370465
contact 0.268189139491
deliberately 0.26863260471
leaving 0.269522459534
view 0.273203060766
fax 0.276467483306
content-type:text/plain 0.27699392067
where 0.278358122842
course 0.289518412816
numbers 0.29099602902
hanging 0.291672610455
intend 0.291955414849
put 0.2924987419
person. 0.293584753359
way 0.29615128644
place. 0.297939000225
group 0.298026084686
system 0.298535261679
hope 0.29878771185
that 0.299918548882
telephone 0.299967181754
alhaji 0.300715453049
defined 0.300913132367
also 0.306714713032
me, 0.309490381769
content-type:multipart/mixed 0.310109922688
information 0.310894990849
necessary 0.312678180609
stated 0.687798798905
family 0.705146245915
sale 0.724197884822
through 0.729786966843
products 0.735549848691
satisfactory 0.73796808056
perfected 0.748369122939
tickets, 0.748369122939
federal 0.748834766015
cost 0.759447768465
money 0.768861651418
our 0.779984665857
erased 0.795683785481
reached 0.811465044826
header:Received:1 0.843313918565
refineries. 0.844827586207
subject:Mantu 0.844827586207
(yourself) 0.844827586207
(ptf), 0.844827586207
subject:Ibrahim 0.844827586207
mantu 0.844827586207
usd$40.5 0.844827586207
usd$30.3 0.844827586207
transaction; 0.844827586207
ptf 0.844827586207
prosecuted 0.844827586207
oversea 0.844827586207
over-valued 0.844827586207
mantu. 0.844827586207
kaduna 0.844827586207
from:addr:alhajimantu 0.844827586207
ena 0.844827586207
denominated 0.844827586207
acc 0.844827586207
(usd$30.3 0.844827586207
(special) 0.844827586207
(deal) 0.844827586207
viz: 0.844827586207
uttermost 0.844827586207
usd$70.8 0.844827586207
60% 0.852489790959
natural 0.858916407805
approval, 0.873278618217
message-id:@mail8.whidbey.net 0.875148537429
partner. 0.879412338906
bills 0.899483819409
dresser 0.908163265306
contractor, 0.908163265306
approvals 0.911702031437
gua 0.934782608696

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