[spambayes-dev] pop3proxy execution "rules" on Windows

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sat Sep 6 19:37:59 EDT 2003

> > * pop3proxy etc data is stored in the per-user "{Application 
> > Data}\SpamBayesProxy" (ie, next to the "SpamBayes" directory 
> > used by Outlook.  It could be "SpamBayes\Proxy", but I see no 
> > good reason to mix the data up.  I think we all agreed this 
> > (bar the specific name!)
> Is there any reason not to just put it in "{Application 
> Data}\SpamBayes"
> along with the Outlook stuff?

Nothing is shared, so I see no reason to use the same directory, and only
scope for confusion.  a "flaw" in Outlook already is that we use the profile
name for a filename - but in a directory with other files.  If an Outlook
profile was ever called "default_configuration" we would be in trouble

An advantage of using the same directory is that our FAQ etc can tell a user
they only need to back up a single directory, and they get both/either app.
Hence I don't mind the idea of a sub-directory for the proxy.  I should have
started with "SpamBayes\Outlook" :)

> > Further, as we are using sockets, there is no way we can
> > determine what user is at the other end of the connection. 
> > Hence a single service instance can not service multiple clients
> > (as it won't know what user database to use for the request).
> Well, we could change things so that it can determine who is at the
> other end, although this might get too complicated.  The user could
> specify not only the server to proxy, but also the accounts 
> that will be
> used on that server, and then the proxy could eavesdrop on the
> authentication and select the appropriate database.

This wont work due to permissions.  The service is running as a different
user, and will have no credentials to use to LogonUser() to get access to
the user's database.  We could solve this by having a "logon to the proxy"
request, but that is getting beyond the short term :)

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