[spambayes-dev] Names and webname

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Sep 11 13:20:12 EDT 2003

> 1) The naming of the files: if the names of programs should be 
> uniquified, why use sb_* instead of the more obvious spambayes_*?

IIRC, no-one pushed for spambayes_*, so it wasn't really considered.
Personally, I like sb_* a lot more, though, because I quite often type
out the commands by hand, and that saves me 7
keystrokes..."scripts/sb_server.py" is already 8 keystrokes longer than

> 2) spambayes.org is running out. We're not using it at all so far. 
> Should I extend it?

Yes.  It is used - for example it's on the bottom of every page of the
web interface, so is the obvious way for pop3proxy/imapfilter people to
find the website.  It also frees spambayes from being tied to sf (if
python moved elsewhere, I would imagine that spambayes would consider
it, too).

> Perhaps the PSF could be persuaded to pick up the tab on it.

+1 :)  I can't recall if the PSF donation link manages to record a
'reason' for donating or not, but I suspect that the donations for
spambayes (based on messages posted) might cover it.

> [I'll take over the DNS - and the fees - if you don't want it any

I'd be willing to contribute towards the fees (but have no desire to
manage another domain) if this is necessary.

=Tony Meyer

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