[spambayes-dev] sb_server doesn't display limited set of messages anymore

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Sep 11 17:36:36 EDT 2003

I thought that someone (me, perhaps) had modified the pop3proxy review page
to only display about 20 messages per section at a time in each of the three
score categories.  I visited my review page this afternoon after ignoring it
for about 24 hours and was presented with roughly a day's worth of messages.
Took awhile just to display the page.  I then scored the unsures and decided
to simply Discard the hams and spams.  I've been waiting for several minutes
now for JavaScript ohHeader('Ham', 'Discard') function to execute.  I
anticipate a similar wait when I do the same for the spam section.

Did I miss a configuration parameter, simply misremember how it used to work
or did it get changed back to display all messages all the time?  I get a
huge amount of mail.  If I forget to check the review page for awhile I
would really like to only see a handful of messages at a time.  This is one
reason why.



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