[spambayes-dev] Give up onexperimental_ham_spam_imbalance_adjustment?

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Sun Sep 14 19:47:08 EDT 2003

> [Tony Meyer]
> > Since around April/May, I've had this option off,
> Why did you turn it off?

I was getting a lot of unsures and figured out (read a post?) that
turning the option off might help.  It immediately helped matters, which
meant that I didn't fall back to plan 2 (retrain with equal numbers).

> The option has no effect on training speed

I meant 'training speed' as in the number of messages that have to be
trained in order for a similar (to human eyes) message to be correctly
classified.  A different phrase would have made that clearer, but I
can't think of one to use :)

> We've been lax since then about getting loser code out of the 
> codebase.

I've occasionally wondered if there's any point keeping the
gary_combining_scheme stuff in there. No-one's using that any more, are

=Tony Meyer

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