[spambayes-dev] RE: 1.0b1 Release candidates

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Apr 8 02:47:31 EDT 2004

Sorry about the slow response.

> I've just installed it on my Win2K machine with Outlook 2000 
> and it fails upon Outlook startup. Message is pretty 
> unhelpful ("failed to load, close Outlook & restart", or 
> something similar). Needless to say, restart did not help. 
> I've unchecked it in the COM add-ins, re-checked but to no 
> avail.  So I've uninstalled it and reinstalled previous 
> version (09).  

I think that maybe this is to do with the version of Outlook that is used to
build the installer.  There is a comment somewhere that says that Outlook
2000 should be used, and I only have Outlook 2002, so used that.  Nothing
much else has changed with Outlook, so I'm fairly confident that that's the
problem.  It does mean that Mark needs to build the installer, though, or
someone else with OL2K.

Apart from the ActivePython problem (and assuming the above is correct), I
think that we're ready to put the release out.  I'm happy to do the build &
everything, if Mark is available to do build the binaries (there's been a
lot of pywin32 activity lately, so he might have the time).

Mark (if you're reading this) - what are your thoughts about putting a
release out?  Are you able to use the code that Thomas posted to patch the
ActivePython pythoncom.dll, or do we just require a newer ActivePython
install to use new spambayes releases?  (Once the new ActivePython is out,
of course!).

> What do you need in order to analyse the problem?

About 2 extra hours in each day <wink>.

=Tony Meyer

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