[spambayes-dev] Re: 1.0b1 Release candidates

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Apr 8 05:46:39 EDT 2004

"Tony Meyer" <ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz> writes:

> Sorry about the slow response.
>> I've just installed it on my Win2K machine with Outlook 2000 
>> and it fails upon Outlook startup. Message is pretty 
>> unhelpful ("failed to load, close Outlook & restart", or 
>> something similar). Needless to say, restart did not help. 
>> I've unchecked it in the COM add-ins, re-checked but to no 
>> avail.  So I've uninstalled it and reinstalled previous 
>> version (09).  
> I think that maybe this is to do with the version of Outlook that is used to
> build the installer.  There is a comment somewhere that says that Outlook
> 2000 should be used, and I only have Outlook 2002, so used that.  Nothing
> much else has changed with Outlook, so I'm fairly confident that that's the
> problem.  It does mean that Mark needs to build the installer, though, or
> someone else with OL2K.
> Apart from the ActivePython problem (and assuming the above is correct), I
> think that we're ready to put the release out.  I'm happy to do the build &
> everything, if Mark is available to do build the binaries (there's been a
> lot of pywin32 activity lately, so he might have the time).
> Mark (if you're reading this) - what are your thoughts about putting a
> release out?  Are you able to use the code that Thomas posted to patch the
> ActivePython pythoncom.dll,

... and should that code go into py2exe (maybe with an additional change
to py2exe so that it can specify the LCID for the resources) ...

> or do we just require a newer ActivePython
> install to use new spambayes releases?  (Once the new ActivePython is out,
> of course!).

IIUC, nobody needs the new ActiveState Python to release spambayes, but
the existing AS Python dll conflicts with the py2exe'd binaries.

(Besides: The existing AS Visual Python plugin for MS Visual Studio also
relies on the pywin32 registry entries, so it might take some time to
sort this out).

>> What do you need in order to analyse the problem?
> About 2 extra hours in each day <wink>.

Now that's a great idea - where can I get them ;-) ?

> =Tony Meyer


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