[spambayes-dev] RE: 1.0b1 Release candidates

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Apr 9 21:02:14 EDT 2004

> Sorry about the slow response.

You should talk! :)

> I think that maybe this is to do with the version of Outlook
> that is used to
> build the installer.  There is a comment somewhere that says
> that Outlook
> 2000 should be used, and I only have Outlook 2002, so used
> that.  Nothing
> much else has changed with Outlook, so I'm fairly confident
> that that's the
> problem.

Unfortunately, the typelibs for office 2000 are hard-coded in a couple of
spots.  I fear that upgrading these to later typelibs will prevent SpamBayes
working at all for the older users.  No time to, or easy way to look at this
particular problem.

> It does mean that Mark needs to build the
> installer, though, or
> someone else with OL2K.

Which I am still struggling to do!  The binary builds and registers fine,
but silently fails to load when I start outlook.  But this time I am not
trying to do it 1 day before taking off, and will nail it :)  Most wolves
have moved away from my door, so I have a little time now.

> Apart from the ActivePython problem (and assuming the above
> is correct), I
> think that we're ready to put the release out.  I'm happy to
> do the build &
> everything, if Mark is available to do build the binaries
> (there's been a
> lot of pywin32 activity lately, so he might have the time).

See above :)  I think for now I will stick with the original plan - manually
edit the resource string in the Python DLL we ship.

> Mark (if you're reading this) - what are your thoughts about putting a
> release out?  Are you able to use the code that Thomas posted
> to patch the
> ActivePython pythoncom.dll,

I'm sorry, but I seem to have missed that, and can't find it.  I've a
message or 2 from Thomas to catch up on next, but don't recall it being one
of them.


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