[spambayes-dev] train on missing headers?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Apr 9 22:43:09 EDT 2004

[sean darcy]
> Now that there a fix for missing headers, I realize how much of my
> spam is in fact missing headers, esp. Subject headers. But when I
> look at clues, missing headers isn't one of them.  Most of this spam
> is classed as either unsure or ham. Maybe continued training will
> sort this out.
> I seems to me that missing a header has lots of predictive value. Can
> this be incorporated in the spambayes tokens/clues?

You can set the option

record_header_absence: True

to experiment with this.  I know it's helpful for me (or was, more than a
year ago, when I last tested it <wink/sigh>).

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