[spambayes-dev] Results for DNS lookup in tokenizer

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sat Apr 10 23:48:20 EDT 2004

    Matt> In particular, there are two servers that receive mail for a
    Matt> webmaster address, a postmaster address, and an ARIN contact
    Matt> address that I read. Those addresses get almost nothing but spam,
    Matt> but I need to get what little legitimate mail does get sent to
    Matt> them.  Using mine_received_headers, I'd have a very strong spam
    Matt> clue that was really for the wrong reason. Whether that one clue
    Matt> would push the legitimate mail that I get at those addresses into
    Matt> the wrong bucket is hard for me to tell since I don't get enough
    Matt> legitimate mail sent to them to be able to perform much of an
    Matt> experiment.

Unless those messages are extremely short, I doubt it would matter much.
It's going to be just one clue among many.  I have no trouble getting the
occasional good mail from the pychecker mailing list, which gets almost
nothing but spam these days.

    Matt> It seems that it's easier for a spammer to find a compromised PC
    Matt> to relay though than it is for them to find someone willing to
    Matt> host a their site.

In which case I doubt either of these network ip classification schemes will
have much effect.


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