[spambayes-dev] various Outlook version and RFC2822 compliance

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Apr 11 00:51:50 EDT 2004

[Seth Goodman]
> I have heard before that certain types of checks, such as the name of file
> attachments, are not possible in the Outlook plug-in

It's not that this is impossible, it's that nobody has written
Outlook-specific code necessary to do it.

> since the data format used was pre-RFC2822 and Outlook, in fact, destroys
> some of the MIME structure necessary to see these things.

Outlook destroys all MIME structure.  Our parser understands only MIME

> I have also heard that later versions of Outlook are more RFC2822
> compliant.

Outlook keeps getting better at both accepting and creating standard email,
but it doesn't store email in this format.  Our Outlook addin sees email in
the way Outlook stores it.

> I have a few questions here that have probably been discussed among the
> developers already.
> 1) How RFC2822 compliant is the stored message format in the various
> versions of Outlook subsequent to Outlook2000?

Outlook's storage format has nothing to do with any Internet standard
(regardless of Outlook version).  It's possible to get the original headers
as a blob of text from the Outlook message store (and we do), but that's all
of the original MIME structure Outlook preserves.


> 2) If the later versions of Outlook are more (or perhaps even fully?)
> RFC2822 compliant, would it be possible to detect the Outlook version and
> enable generating the additional tokens that are available with the web
> proxy?

If the antecedent were true, yes <wink>.

> I realize this is not a simple matter.  I was just wondering how far we
> are from a more unified code base.

Tokenizing anything beyond what the Outlook addin can tokenize now will
require new Outlook-specific code.

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