[spambayes-dev] python setup.py build is failing

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Apr 13 18:58:34 EDT 2004

> I noticed the change to the installation procedure float by 
> on the checkins list but never saw anything which indicated 
> that sb_bnfilter.py and sb_bnserver.py were moved from 
> contrib to scripts.
> It was there, just not where setup.py was looking.  I cvs 
> remove'd them from contrib and cvs add'ed them to scripts, 
> then modified setup.py to also install sb_bnserver.py.

Sorry, this is my fault.  I noticed that there was a new script, but didn't
notice that it wasn't in the scripts directory (or that there were actually

Annoyingly, I forgot that I had made this change when I built the 1.0b1
dists, and so figured that the testing I did with 1.0b1rc1 would still be ok
(lesson to be learned there).  I'll put 1.0b1.1's on sf now.

=Tony Meyer

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