[spambayes-dev] Results for DNS lookup in tokenizer

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Apr 15 10:51:35 EDT 2004

    Matt> It may also be that sending nonsense spams is a new tactic among
    Matt> spammers (born of the success of SpamBayes of course) and testing
    Matt> against spam even a month old won't show much advantage. I was
    Matt> certainly motivated to try the url-ip thing because of the unsures
    Matt> I had seen in the previous week or so.

My guess is that for the most part spammers need to move their websites only
somewhat less often than they need to move mail hosts.  If they are
connected to the web via a more-or-less respectalble ISP they probably get
shut out pretty quickly.  Accordingly, month-old IP addresses may indeed not
be worth much.

Motivated mostly by my desire to keep my database size small, I routinely
(every few weeks) sort my ham and spam databases by date and whack of the
oldest 5% to 20% of the messages they contain.  This may have the side
effect of improving the IP address sensitivity.


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