[spambayes-dev] Getting Mozilla (or Netscape) to work with pop3proxy (LINUX)

Pekka Takala pekka.takala at pp.inet.fi
Fri Apr 16 09:00:46 EDT 2004

Here is a way to get mozilla to work with pop3proxy and multiple users 
on same machine. The pop3proxy software is started and stopped when 
needed so the amount of users on same machine can be theoretically 

The configuration needs a little patience, but it is easy to find and 
also can be used with other mail clients, not just mozilla or netscape. 
This is tested on mozilla and netscape.

1. Install the pop3proxy software normally as root to /usr/bin and 
configure it normally. Test that your setup works ABSOLUTELY NORMALLY, 
when starting pop3proxy by hand and then stopping it after read your mails.

2. Locate the startupt script of Mozilla. In Debian Linux systems it is 

3. With your favorite editor, search line containing MOZ_PROGRAM. 
Comment it out as reference, then make a new copy of the line.

On mine system it looks like this after modification. The original line 
is mozilla-bin, new line has popmozilla.sh. Netscape startup script has 
same kind of system, except the mozilla-bin is netscape-bin. DO NOT 

Remember that you need the path and name of the original binary when 
creating the popmozilla.sh


4. Save the file after modifications and go to the path where 
mozilla-bin is.

5. Create a new file popmozilla.sh and put this inside:


#Check if the pop3proxy is already running, do not start
#if it is
if (ps ax |grep -q sb_server.py); then
    echo "pop3proxy already running -> not starting"
    echo "Starting pop3proxy"
    /usr/bin/pop3proxy &
#The mozilla binary, we start it here with arguments given by

/usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin $1

#after mozilla quits, we stop the pop3proxy.

#try first sigterm:
killall -15 sb_server.py
#if sigterm did not do it, then sigkill will do.
killall -9 sb_server.py

6. Save the file, then apply chmod 755 to it.

7. To test: start mozilla, then try to go localhost:8880 with mozilla. 
If spambayes page comes, the pop3proxy starts ok!

8. Shut down mozilla, then try "ps ax |grep sb_server.py". If the binary 
does not show, the script works. If shows shomething is wrong and you 
need to re-check your scripts.

This script allows multiple users to use pop3proxy, without fear of 
reading each other's private e-mails. The users only need to start 
mozilla, then configure it and that's all.

The "already running" -test is there, because mozilla can be started 
multiple times (i.e when reading news you click a link and so on).

The script may not be full-featured, but at least it allows multiple 
users to read their e-mails without much problems.

Pekka "Pihti" Takala
Nothing can be so bad that you cannot find something good in it!
65XXX assembler programmer/developer, linux user

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