[spambayes-dev] SpamBayes server compliant w/ spamassassin

Jkx at Pythonfr jkx at pythonfr.org
Sat Apr 24 17:00:56 EDT 2004

First hy to everyone :) 

This is my first post on this mailing list. I take a 
little time this afternoon to write this piece of 
code and i want to know what other think about 

Extract from the code 

SpamBayes server compliant w/ spamassassin

spamassassin can run as a daemon for a large
scale network (spamd). To use the spamd
spassassin provide a short piece of C code
written to be really efficient to make the
glue between MTA and spamd. 

SpamBayes (which is my preferred spam filtering)
don't provide this kind of stuff. It came w/
some python xmlrpc client server, but forking
a python for each incomming mail eat too much
cpu on linux box. 

So this piece of code is a fake spamassassin
server that use a spambayes for filtering.

This version has been tested w/ version 2.63
of spamc

Take care it dosn't support:

benchmark results w/ 600 mails w/ a ~ 650Kb
trained DB:
- procmail + sb_filter.py: 70 mails/min
- procmail + spamc + this:  206 mails/min
  (TCP or unixdomain achieve the same perf)

important notes:
- i don't test other server cause i need to
  something that work on system-wide

- this doesn't support simultanus acces so
  i achieve the same thoughout put w/ maildrop
  instead of procmail
  The reason why i don't write this, is that
  i don't know what to do:
  thread / fork / async ???
- it support filtering for virtual hosted mailbox 
  even if this is not the defaut behaviour

Any comments / blame / flame .. is welcome :) 

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