[spambayes-dev] Testing Tools Changes

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sun Apr 25 22:31:50 EDT 2004

> export.py (in the Outlook2000 directory): I added a
> command-line option to
> skip printing the total number of messages that would be
> exported.  I didn't
> really care what this number was, and generating it took a long time.
> PRO: This number doesn't seem all that useful.
> CON: This complicates a fairly simple script with another option.
> export.py: I added a command-line option to only export
> messages that were
> received via a certain account.  I wanted an automatic method
> of separating
> out messages from a couple of accounts, and this seemed the
> easiest way.  It
> compares the "Delivered" or "Envelope" header to the given
> regex and only
> exports if it matches.  In addition, if the account is
> "Exchange", then it
> only exports if it appears to be an Exchange message (missing
> those headers;
> has the "X-Exchange-Junk" stuff.
> PRO: This is a handy way to only get certain messages out of Outlook.
> CON: This complicates the script a fair bit, and I haven't
> done any checking
> to see how robust the Delivered/Envelope headers are (all I
> know is that all
> my non-Exchange messages have one or the other of these).

The last change sounds a little nasty, but in general these are tools for us
to use to try and perform decent testing for Outlook users.  AFAIK, this has
never happened :)  Thus, anything that may move us in that direction is
encouraged!  (You have not referenced a msgstore.py change above though,
have you?)

> msgstore.py (in the Outlook2000 directory): When creating the
> 'faked up'
> Exchange headers, I added a "X-Exchange-Delivery-Time"
> header, which the

Can you explain that one a little more?  Would it be possible/better to
generate the correct Date header?  (I assume you are saying these messages
don't have this header)

> mksets.py: added -H and -S command-line options to specify an
> alternative
> pair of directories to create the sets in, rather than being fixed to
> "Data/Ham" and "Data/Spam".
> PRO: This is more like the other scripts.
> CON: ?

Sounds OK to me.

No real opinion on the others.


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