[spambayes-dev] Release 1.0?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Apr 27 22:31:26 EDT 2004

> The last release seems to have gone OK, with only a couple of 
> packaging issues.  What say Tony and I just turn the crank,
> we call it 1.0, have a beer and little party, and move on?

If you give me to the weekend, then I'm fine with this.  I'd like to
incorporate a few imapfilter bug fixes that have been worked out over the
last week or so, and have another run through the open bug list to see if
there's anything there that can/should be resolved.  I'm flat out at work
until then, though.  (And a beer and party suit the weekend more anyway ;)

For the 1.1a1 release, I'd really like to:
 * Finish up the 'auto configure' stuff for sb_server.  Basically create a
wizard like the Outlook one that can setup SpamBayes, your mail client, and
do some initial training.  (With a limited list of clients (OE, Eudora,
Mozilla, Opera at the moment) - for the rest, you're on your own).

 * Have an imapfilter binary in the binary dist.  It's getting used by a few
more people now, so it would seem a nice option.  Maybe that'll convince
someone else to take over maintaining it, too <wink>.

 * Finish off the pop3dnd stuff that I started some time back.  This is
mostly working, and I still like the concept (training by drag-and-drop in
arbitrary mail clients), and it'd be nice to offer as an experimental

 * Wack off a few deprecated/experimental options.  1.0 should in be use for
a while, so they get their chance :)

Plus looking at the database issues, as always, and training techniques
(particularly figuring out a way to offer tte)...

=Tony meyer

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