[spambayes-dev] Release 1.0?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Apr 28 00:28:26 EDT 2004

> Other than that, the only killer flaw I notice ten times a day (in the
> Outlook addin) is that in the "Filter messages ..." dialog, "Start
> Filtering" should be the DEFPUSHBUTTON instead of "Close".  I've got
> "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog
> box" enabled
> on my laptop (I hate using touchpads!), and so my mouse
> pointer always flies
> to the wrong button when I open that dialog.


> "Start
> Training" would be a
> more useful default button on the Training tab too.

That one is harder, as the existing default button (Close) is not on the
property-page, but the parent.  Setting "Start" to DEFPUSHBUTTON gets it
drawn like it is the default, but "Close" still does too and seems to win :)

> Fantastic work, everyone!

Absolutely!  Not one of us here could have done anything with the others.
Congratulations, and thank you!


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