[spambayes-dev] Microsoft Exchange Server integration / Web Interface Integration

Kevin Bruckert agrabren at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 30 14:05:18 EDT 2004

I've searched back a few months, found someone (Sean)
discussing this back in June of 2003, but no follow-up
since, nor found any useful links (in my opinion). So
let me explain my interests, and also offer my
assistance (I'm a seasoned programmer, although new to
Python... But I learn fast).

On an Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, we receive
plenty of spam. I've tried various solutions, but they
all fall short in the UI arena. What I want to do is
the following: Each user has a seperate database,
although an initial global database never hurt anyone.
>From there, users can either install a client module
into their Outlook, giving them an easy-to-use
feedback mechanism. Or, for many of the users,
integration into the Exchange Server web interface.
The integration into the web interface should be
smooth and easy-to-use as well, instead of having to
run between multiple places to report spam.

By running the filters on the server, mail is filtered
on entry to the system, and allows quick access to
import email while on-the-go.

I'm willing to put in as much effort as I can to do
such work, but might want a little help at various
stages to understand the existing architecture and
prevent re-working areas which are already written.

Kevin Bruckert

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