[spambayes-dev] Can SpamBayes be improved with Markovian Weighting or Chained Karnaugh Mapping?

DUI-DWI brown at dui-dwi.com
Sun Aug 8 17:50:06 CEST 2004


I realized that I just posted this in the general list, and this is 
definitely for the dev's:  More of a technical question here.  I've been 
doing ton's of research on spam in general, and am curious about the 
following.  I recently watched the 2004 Spam Conference Webcast 
(http://spamconference.org/webcast.html) and a couple of speaker's brought 
up a couple of improvements that can be made on a Bayesian Filter such as 
Markovian Weighting and Chained Karnaugh Mapping that was found in their 
latest research and tests.

With my limited knowledge, I do know that SpamBayes uses its own technique 
of tiling unigrams and bigrams and the chi-squared combining, but I do not 
know if these are comparable to Markovian Weighting or Chained Karnaugh 

I found the option in the current SpamBayes release in the Experimental 
Configuration called "Use mixed uni/bi-grams scheme".  I'm wondering if 
this is along the lines of my curiosity?

Any kind soul who can break all this down to me would be greatly 
appreciated.  I had no idea that spam filtering would take up this amount 
of my time........LOL!


Erik Brown 

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