[spambayes-dev] Softonic.com: Request for Permission

Maria Julieta Gomez mjgomez at softonic.com
Wed Aug 11 12:11:07 CEST 2004






My name is María Julieta Gómez and I am replacing Luis Garrido
Softonic.com´s Customer Service Executive during his summer vacations, our
company is the leading site in software downloads and sales all over Europe
and spanish worldwide. 


Our website, http://www.softonic.com, only available in Spanish at this
moment, receives over 9 million visits per month, serving up to 75 million
pages per month (In the Global Top 10 websites in Spain). As for the depth
of our database, we offer over 25.000 thousand programs in our catalogue,
and have over 5 million downloads per month and produce different cd-rom/dvd
collections widely distributed in Spain through PC Magazines and Newspapers.


As, currently now, Windows platform is obviously the biggest in terms of
downloads and applications, we would like to ask for your permission in
order to include your program SpamBayes 1.0b1  in our cd-rom collections and
make them available to all Softonic users through all our distribution
methods & marketing campaigns.


Also, if you are interested in selling the product in Spain, just let us
know, we can offer you different selling and marketing methods for reaching
a wide range of spanish users.


Yours sincerely, 


María Julieta Gomez
Departamento de Atención al Cliente -Softonic.Com
-Grupo Intercom-
URL:  <BLOCKED::http://www.softonic.com/> http://www.softonic.com
Línea cliente Softonic.com - 902.25.25.45
Horario de atención al cliente de 9:00 a 18:00h

Este mensaje y los documentos que, en su caso, lleve anexos, pueden contener
información confidencial. Por ello, se informa a quien lo reciba por error
que la información contenida en el mismo es reservada y su uso no autorizado
está prohibido legalmente, por lo que en tal caso le rogamos que nos lo
comunique por la misma vía o por teléfono (93 592 01 15) , se abstenga de
realizar copias del mensaje o remitirlo o entregarlo a terceras personas y
proceda a borrarlo de inmediato.


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