[spambayes-dev] require subscription?

Seth Goodman sethg at GoodmanAssociates.com
Fri Dec 3 08:32:13 CET 2004

> From: Tony Meyer
> Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 6:35 PM
> > I wonder if anyone else is willing to reconsider the decision
> > to operate this list without requiring subscribers to
> > register?
> Requiring registration for spambayes at python.org would break the ability to
> automatically submit a problem report that sb_server offers (and
> Outlook may offer in the future).

Automatic posts to the list makes it unwise to require subscription.  I
didn't realize you had that feature as I use the Outlook plug-in.


> In addition, there are different levels of response to a
> non-member posting: accept (as now), hold, reject, discard.  Are you
> advocating hold or reject?

Reject with message containing subscribe link, but that would irritate
someone who is trying to do their first automatic problem report while they
are having the problem.


> > I don't feel that the Mailman subscribe/confirmation process
> > would really scare anybody away,
> I do.

Your list, your rules.  I think I'll follow your advise and stop filtering
the lists.


Seth Goodman

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