[spambayes-dev] require subscription?

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Fri Dec 3 23:10:54 CET 2004

In message:  <MHEGIFHMACFNNIMMBACAIEACJCAA.sethg at GoodmanAssociates.com>
             "Seth Goodman" <sethg at goodmanassociates.com> writes:
>> From: Barry Warsaw
>> Sent: Friday, December 03, 2004 9:10 AM
>> On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 02:32, Seth Goodman wrote:
>> > Automatic posts to the list makes it unwise to require subscription.  I
>> > didn't realize you had that feature as I use the Outlook plug-in.
>> You can whitelist the auto-posting address though.
>OK, then they'll spam that address, though it will take a while to get

Y'know, considering who we are, I'm surprised that nobody's suggested
adding a basic (content) pattern matcher for whitelisting in Mailman.
After all, spam is very unlikely to look like one of our automated
bug report forms.

- Alex

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