[spambayes-dev] Enhanced Outlook statistics display

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 7 02:25:34 CET 2004

> I've done some work on displaying more detailed statistics in 
> the Outlook plugin.  Attached is a screenshot of my current 
> statistics.  You'll notice that I've also added some accuracy 
> stats to the stats that have already been discussed.  These 
> are based on the "spam batting average" concept recently 
> proposed by John Graham-Cumming (www.jgc.org) wherein false 
> positives are measured as a percentage of the number of ham 
> messages instead as a percentage of the total.

As long as we stay away from actually expressing it as a "batting average"
and avoid baseball terminology.  Those numbers are just completely confusing
to me, and I suspect most non-Americans.

> If noone has any issues with this format, I'll go ahead and 
> check in the changes next week.

Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, but I was +1 on checking them in anyway
- looks good!


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