[spambayes-dev] require subscription?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 7 02:36:26 CET 2004

[Skip, regarding moderation]
> I do it for several other lists.  It's not an overwhelming 
> job (I have a mailman front-end script I use to condense the 
> review page), but it would be much more difficult for 
> spambayes since the list isn't filtered.

I suppose I would be willing to moderate (non-member postings to)
spambayes at python.org for a while to see how it went, but I wouldn't want to
be the only one doing so.  (I could then see a situation where I came in in
the (NZ) morning, approved various posts and then answered them, rather than
them going through in the (NZ) night and someone else answering them before
I even read them).

So if anyone else (someone not in Australia/NZ would be best, probably) here
feels that moderation is worth a go, speak up and we can see what the
results are.

(The consensus is definitely against requiring subscription, though, it

[Seth Goodman]
> Automatic posts to the list makes it unwise to require 
> subscription.  I didn't realize you had that feature as I use 
> the Outlook plug-in.

There's some code floating round in the plug-in somewhere that's designed to
be used for that, but it's just never been added.  It's possible that it'll
make it into 1.1 - it does increase the chance that important details (and
the log) are included in the report.

> Your list, your rules.

Well, our list, our rules, for some suitably defined "our".

> I think I'll follow your advise and stop filtering the lists.

It's wasn't so much advice as just what I do, but I suspect that it will
work reasonably well.  There isn't so much spam (IMO) that using the good
old delete key is onerous.  See above, however.


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