[spambayes-dev] require subscription?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 03:05:06 CET 2004

[Tony Meyer]
> ...
> I suppose I would be willing to moderate (non-member postings to)
> spambayes at python.org for a while to see how it went, but I
> wouldn't want to be the only one doing so.

I don't want you doing it at all, Tony.  It's a minor but endless time
sink, and your other contributions to this project are far more

The only way moderation works on lists with non-trivial traffic is to
automatically reject non-member postings, and we're both opposed to
that.  Else it just pisses everyone off, as no matter how sincere
people are going into it, the *reality* of having messages waiting for
review, all day long, all night long, 365.2425 days per year, every
year, eventually wears them out.

If a great hue & cry arises demanding moderation on the user list,
I'll do it.  But I don't see sufficient crying yet, let alone
sufficient hueing <wink>.

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