[spambayes-dev] Question about re-training SpamBayes

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 8 23:29:02 CET 2004

"Deleted Items" is a special folder in Outlook and sometimes produces
strange results when used in conjunction with SpamBayes. To prevent this, we
specifically prevent the user from selecting "Deleted Items" in SpamBayes.
To work around it, just create a normal folder for good messages and move
all your good mail from "Deleted Items" into that folder.
A couple of notes about training, though. We generally recommend that you
not train SpamBayes on a large amount of existing mail. SpamBayes learns
quickly, and keeping your training data small usually means that SpamBayes
can adapt to new types of mail more quickly. I would recommend choosing at
most about 10 messages of each type, putting those into separate "Training -
Spam" and "Training - Good" folders and then training on those. When I
retrain, I don't give it any initial training at all. I just delete the
database files from the data folder and let SpamBayes start from scratch.
And for any initial training that you do, try to make sure that you have an
approximately equal number of good and spam messages.
Kenny Pitt


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I didn't see this question listed in the FAQs:


I need to re-train SpamBayes.  I've saved all the spam it's detected over
the past year, so it's no problem giving it plenty of examples of spam.  My
"ham" messages (the good stuff) is all located in my Deleted folder, which I
never empty.  But SpamBayes won't let me choose my Deleted folder as a
source of training.  Why, and how can I get around this?




Mike Gaston

Somerville NJ

Mike at GastonFamily.org


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