[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes] Re: Training empty messages problem

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Dec 16 04:29:02 CET 2004

> I found the property for the Message-ID and added it to the headers.
> What you get is the same message-id that an external user would see if
> your Exchange server sends the message on via SMTP.

Great :)

> I'll try to have a look at some of the others when I have more time,
> unless you beat me to it. <wink>

Well, if you're going to make it a race... <wink>.  I've checked in some

> I see a PR_IMPORTANCE property that
> can probably be used for importance if we figure out what its integer
> values translate to.

I looked them up, and have done that.

> For date, there are two properties to choose
> from, PR_CREATION_TIME and PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME. Both appear to be
> UTC times, but that could just be the way dump_props is showing them.

I chose SUBMIT_TIME, as I gather that's the time it was submitted for
sending, which is probably the best choice, I think.  The formatting was
like what I had for X-Exchange-Delivery-Time (which I have reformatted into
a Received header).

I also did organisation - however, this is another one of those unnamed (and
seemingly undocumented) properties, so I'm not 100% that it's correct.  For
one, I can't set an "organisation" value for my exchange account, only
POP/IMAP accounts.  However, if I send myself mail, I get the organisation
value from another account tacked on to the message, so it seems that's what
it is.  Could you try this one out (if possible) and see what you get?

> For x-mailer, the only thing I see is what appears to be the Outlook
> version number of the sender.

There are two, I think, eg I have:

0x7E8EFFE2          : '10.0'
0x7E8FFFFD          : 104712

The '10.0' is a pretty version, and the other one is what's in the "About"
dialog box (as 10.4712....).  These would be enough, and I added the code,
but for some reason Outlook chokes if I try to get either of these
properties (but no other ones that I can find).  I'm not sure why that is.
You can look into it if you like <0.5 wink>.


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