[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes] WHICH? Magazine PRE-PUBLICATION CHECK: Anti-virussoftware

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 21 23:15:46 CET 2004

> These are in an Excel file, which I don't want to open precisely because
> of the possibility of viruses...  Could you send a plain-text version?

I opened it (somewhere it couldn't do any damage) and it seems ok, although
it includes macros, which I disabled since they are the most risk.  The
contents (filled in) are at the end of this message.

> Because SpamBayes is developed by volunteers, who are distributed around
> the world, it has no central management and all communication is
> electronic.  If it's vitally important that you have a signature, I can
> sign on behalf of the development team (if no-one has any objections)

FWIW, I have none.

> but we prefer to work over email.  As I explained above, that shouldn't
> present any problems.

The instructions in the Excel file said that the file could be emailed back,
so I presume that the signature is not that important.  If it is, you can
replace my name (below) with yours (Richie) if you want :)


--- Excel file contents follow ---

	Anti virus software Pre-publication Check		Which?
	Correct at 16 December 2004		
	Please check the information supplied carefully as it could be used
for publication.		
	Company / Product / Brand Name		SpamBayes

			Please check and amend the details below

1	Product specification		

	Name		SpamBayes
	Version number		1.0 Release
	CD		No
	DVD		No
	Internet download		Yes
	Win		Yes
	Linux		Yes
	Mac		Yes
	Phone Support 		None
	Extra costs		None
	Do you plan any changes to the above in the next 6 months? (in
confidence, not for publication)		Yes
	If YES, please give brief details of what the changes will be?
A new version (both a bugfix release and a new minor release) will be
released, but not other than that.
	When they will come into effect?		January/March,
	When we can contact you for details? 		You can contact
spambayes at python.org any time you like.
	Pre-publication check completed by		
	I confirm the information provided in this questionnaire is correct
as at 16 December 2004.		
	Name		Tony Meyer
	Position		Developer
	Department		N/A
	Direct telephone		N/A
	Direct Fax		N/A
	Email		spambayes at python.org
	Address		N/A
	Please return this pre-publication check to: 		
	Cecilia.Desouza at which.co.uk		
	By 04 January 2005.		
	If you cannot meet this deadline, please phone Cecilia De Souza on
020 7770 7683		

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