[spambayes-dev] Translation to Spanish

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 22 03:01:54 CET 2004

> And we would like to contribute support for German. I had a 
> (brief) look at the source code of the plugin and it seems 
> there's much/all of the text hardcoded. 
> So the first would be to introduce gettext or a similiar mechanism 
> (haven't looked at Python i18n yet) - I could help doing 
> that, what do the developers think?

I had hoped that Hatuka Nezumi would have responded to the earlier message,
but I haven't heard anything from him for a while (busy, perhaps).  He is
leading the i18n process for SpamBayes (I'm helping and doing the checking

Just about all the work adding gettext (etc) to the code is done.  If you
want to look at it/modify it you'll need to get it from CVS (no i18n is in
1.0.1, it'll appear in 1.1).  Both the Outlook plug-in and the web interface
have been set up.

To translate the majority of the web interface, you should be able to simply
get hold of the CVS copy of spambayes\spambayes\resources\ui.html and
provide a translation of that.  (There are a few things not in there, like
the statistics data, but we'll get to those as necessary).

To translate the majority of the Outlook dialogs, you should be able to use
the gettext tools.  If you're familiar with them, that should be simple - if
not, I think I can make a template file, which is what needs to be
translated.  There are again a few items that this will not include, but
they will also be got to at some point.

There's also the documentation - but please say if you are interested in
translating this, as I'll hurry up and update it for the 1.1 release so that
it changes as little as possible after translation.

Finally there is figuring out a release process (language packs, translated
installers, etc), but that's a while off yet.


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