[spambayes-dev] Version Data

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 22 04:55:51 CET 2004

[Kenny, way back in February]
> My proposal is that all apps share the source release version
> as their primary version number.  The shared release version
> would consist of the following parts:
> * A major/minor version number (1.0)
> * A release number that would increment for each release.  If 
> alpha9 is our ninth release then the release number would be 9,
> but it would increment to 10 for beta1.  The release number could
> be reset to 1 when we move on to 1.1 development (although it
> wouldn't have to be).  The purpose of this is to give us a three-part
> version number major.minor.release that is always increasing.
> * A string representation of the version ("1.0a9" or "1.0b1").  The
> binary major.minor.release version would be used for version check
> comparisons, but this string representation is what would be 
> visible to the user.
> * A release date ("Feb 2004")

This all sounds pretty good to me - I think we might as well make the bits
all separate, e.g:

    'major': 1,
    'minor': 1,
    'release': 0,
    'prerelease': 1,  # i.e. first alpha release
    'date': 'January 2005',
    'download_page': 'http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/windows.html',
    'release_notes_page': 'http://whatever',
    'short_string': spambayes.__version__,
    'long_string': "SpamBayes version
%(major)d.%(minor)d.%(release)d.%(prerelease)d (%(date)s)",

(short_string and long_string could just be functions, of course).

> In addition to the shared version info, the engine and each 
> application would have a separate "revision number" that we would
> increment during development to track changes specific to that app.

I've completely gone off the idea of having anything separate for the
different apps.  One release for them all is much simpler.

> OK, I think that's more than enough to fuel the fire for now, 
> so have at it!

Must have been plenty of fire to keep it simmering this long <wink>.


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