[spambayes-dev] Translation to Spanish

Hernán Martínez Foffani hernan at orgmf.com.ar
Wed Dec 22 12:32:34 CET 2004

>> And we would like to contribute support for German. I had a
>> (brief) look at the source code of the plugin and it seems
>> there's much/all of the text hardcoded.
>> So the first would be to introduce gettext or a similiar mechanism
>> (haven't looked at Python i18n yet) - I could help doing
>> that, what do the developers think?
> I had hoped that Hatuka Nezumi would have responded to the earlier
> message, but I haven't heard anything from him for a while (busy,
> perhaps).  He is leading the i18n process for SpamBayes (I'm helping
> and doing the checking in).

I guess that's me, Hernán Foffani.  Yes, I'm very busy these days and
will be out of town for 3 weeks soon.  I'm very sorry.

> Just about all the work adding gettext (etc) to the code is done.  If
> you want to look at it/modify it you'll need to get it from CVS (no
> i18n is in
> 1.0.1, it'll appear in 1.1).  Both the Outlook plug-in and the web
> interface have been set up.

Did you get to add gettext to the spambayes directory (Options.py and

> To translate the majority of the Outlook dialogs, you should be able
> to use the gettext tools.  If you're familiar with them, that should
> be simple - if not, I think I can make a template file, which is what
> needs to be translated.  There are again a few items that this will
> not include, but they will also be got to at some point.

Ideally the dialogs should be translated using a dialog editor like
Visual Studio but gettext tools could be used as an alternative if
yours truly get away from his compromise.


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