[spambayes-dev] Re: Version Data

Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 03:17:48 CET 2004

Tony Meyer <tameyer at ihug.co.nz> wrote:
> > I just need
> > to figure out what to generate in the version.cfg for the
> > "Outlook" and "POP3 Proxy" sections so that existing 1.0.x
> > versions will be able to update properly when 1.1 is released.
> Good point - although we could always change the download page value so that
> 1.0.x looks in a different place than 1.1.x.  I gather you've got it going
> anyway, though, so it'll work with the same file.

Well, sort of. The idea is that 1.1 and later versions will only look
at the [SpamBayes] section in Version.cfg, and will ignore the
[Outlook] and [POP3 Proxy] sections which will be used for upgrading
1.0.x versions. However, I didn't like having it report 0.3 as the
latest version, so for now it's still looking at the Outlook section.

The [SpamBayes] section in Version.cfg is never looked at by anything
in the 1.0.x versions, so we could probably go ahead and change that
value to 1.0.1 (or to 1.1a0) if we want. If we make that change, then
I can go ahead and update the code to look only at that.

> > Speaking of upgrades:  now that we have a 1.0 "final" out
> > there, are we only going to notify users of new "final"
> > releases or do we need to add a way for them to check for new
> > pre-release versions as well?
> Good question :)  I presume this will do the 'wrong' thing at the moment,
> since 1.1a1 is technically a higher version than 1.0.1.

Yes, that's what it would do if we were to put 1.1a1 in the
Version.cfg file. Alternatively, we could only update the Version.cfg
file with the latest final release. I know I updated the message in
pop3proxy_tray so that it indicates when you are running a newer
version than what is in Version.cfg. I'll have to check if that is the
case for Outlook or not.

> I think the most sensible thing would be to only suggest upgrading when
> there is a newer final version out.  spambayes-announce and the website will
> cover prereleases coming out, which should be enough (since they may not
> actually work well anyway).  Is that a simple change to the code?

As above, the easiest solution if we want only the final versions is
to never put a pre-release version number in Version.cfg. However,
there are probably a fair number of people that would also want to
know about the latest pre-release versions.

The best thing here would probably be to store two different version
numbers in Version.cfg: one for latest final version and one for
latest pre-release version. Then we could show both the latest final
version and the latest pre-release version in the update dialog, or we
could have an advanced option that you could edit into your INI file
to indicate whether you want to see pre-release versions or only final

Kenny Pitt

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