[spambayes-dev] -d/-D command line options

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Feb 2 07:23:00 EST 2004

    Tony> So, what do people vote for?

    Tony> 1.  -D <filename> for pickle, -d <filename> for dbm
    Tony> 2.  -d <filename> for pickle, -D <filename> for dbm
    Tony> 3.  -p <filename> for pickle, -d <filename> for dbm
    Tony> 4.  The inconsistent status quo.

+1 for #3 assuming it won't be too hard to reclaim -d and -p for this

As long as we'll be making an incompatible change to the selection of
pickles and databases, I'd like to see about getting the default (pickle or
database file) done right for each application.  Long-running applications
which handle both the training and scoring tasks should probably use pickles
by default.  Other applications should use database files by default.  That
will probably mean changes to the config file to split
Storage:persistent_use_database into several application-specific options.


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