[spambayes-dev] New release

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Feb 4 03:16:50 EST 2004

> Therefore, should 
> someone forge ahead and prepare a new source-code release, I 
> will jump ahead of where I am, and do a corresponding binary release.
> Not that I am pushing for this, but incase someone is waiting 
> for me, then I'm pretty ready to go.  Unfortunately (ok ok, 
> fortunately) I have no idea what the source-release process 
> is, nor have any intention of learning now <wink>

For the most part, it's documented in README-DEVEL.TXT, but I'm happy to put
together a source-code release, if no-one else is clammering to do it (I
waited all day for someone else to pipe up <wink>).  If we put out release
candidates tomorrow then people could try them over the weekend and we could
release Monday.

So, tomorrow (unless the mail when I get in suggests otherwise), I'll:
  1.  Sort out the -d/-D/-p stuff.  It's looking like -p/-d is the winner
  2.  Do another update to WHAT_IS_NEW.TXT and CHANGELOG.txt.
  3.  Have another look through the sb_server binary documentation.
  4.  Build a release candidate and post a link here.

Mark - any chance that you want to revamp the Version.py stuff before we put
things together?  If you change Version.py and the plug-in, I can do the
sb_server/imapfilter/pop3dnd scripts.

What are we calling this, anyway?  1.0a8?  1.0b1?

BTW, the binary release is meant to be built with OL2K, yes?  (That means
that I should remember not to do it :)

=Tony Meyer

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