[spambayes-dev] New release

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 5 20:56:10 EST 2004

> POP3 Proxy, IMAP Filter, and IMAP Server have a separate 
> InterfaceVersion.  Most users won't differentiate between an 
> app and its user interface, so do we really need a separate 
> version for the UI?
> If noone is opposed, this is another quick cleanup we could 
> make before the release that would probably simplify things 
> for the future.

Yes, this is definitely something that should be done, especially since the
vast majority of the web interface code is shared among them anyway.  I had
made this change locally, but didn't ever commit it since I wanted to sort
out the rest, but couldn't figure out how :)

IMAP Server's interface version can be dumped; it doesn't really use the web
interface at all anymore (just for configuration, and even that will go).  I
had originally made a new 'application', which was the interface, and both
sb_server and sb_imapfilter referred to that.  It does seem that the
interface may change significantly without sb_server or sb_imapfilter doing
so (in fact, sb_server hardly changes at all anymore, but the interface
changes lots).  But you can just kill it if you think that's better.

=Tony Meyer

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